Who are your favorite Obscure Athletes?


Are you an Akili Smith fanatic? John Jaha’s biggest fan? A sports fan who appreciates the less famous in the world of sports figures?

Tell us about it!
Leave a comment letting OA know who you’d like us to talk about on the blog!


8 thoughts on “Who are your favorite Obscure Athletes?

  1. I’ve always had an appreciation for Richard Park. The forward has played 700+ NHL games because of his hustle and sound defensive play.

  2. Chad Cordero. Great closer for the 2005 Nationals, who lead the league in saves that year. He had like 1.5 really good years, then faded away before resurfacing with the Jays in like 2011 for a few months.

  3. This is amazing, I was destined to find this blog haha. I’m the only guy I know who randomly will be driving thinking “i wonder what Donald Royal is up to today” or see a truck that says “Old Dominion” and instantly think “that’s where Kenny Gattison went to college.”


  4. James Mouton, Kelly Gruber, Pete Smith, Travis Jervey, Kenneth Davis, Curtis Duncan, Frank Brickowski, Eddie Johnson, Dickey Simpkins, Jason Caffey, James Edwards, Mark Grudzielanek, FP Santangelo, Fernando Seguignol, Joey Eischen, George Teague, Terrell Buckley, Anthony Peeler, Harold Minor, Alejandro Pena, David Aardsma, Kent Graham, Ray Lucas, Koi Detmer, Chuck Person, Tony Banks, Deangelo Jimenez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Reche Caldwell, Latario Rachal, Chad Fonville, Todd Hundley, Damon Berryhill, Charlie O’Brien, Tim Teufel, Bobby Higginson, Raul Casanova, Orlando Palmeiro, Benji Gil, Josias Manzanillo, Valerio De los Santos, Juan Encarnacion, Randall Simon, Mike Mamula, Terrance Shaw, Mark Seay, Eddie Anderson, Bubba McDowell, Rheal Cormier, Jason Dickson, Steve Sparks, Allan Watson, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Sunny Kim, Mac Suzuki, Francisco Cabrera, Eddie Taubense, Pokey Reese, Jorge Velandia, Doug Brocail, Bubba Trammell, Phil Nevin, Jacque Jones, Kevin Appier…I could go on and on.

  5. J.R. Bremer is one of my favorite all-time Celtics. Apparently he now plies his trade in Turkey. He was such an under-appreciated player.

  6. Phil Dawson kicker of the Browns, and Jeremy Sowers of the Indians.

  7. I’ve always liked Brian Shaw. Very underrated

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