OA is Not the Only Source of Kellen Moore’s Biggest Fans

  • kellenmooreKellen Moore, the NCAA’s all-time winningest quarterback (50-3 career) was waived by the Cowboys this morning, in order to make room for linebacker Mark Nzeocha. Moore, who finished fourth in the 2010 Heisman Trophy Race, led Boise State to the 2011 Maaco Bowl Los Vegas, in his last collegiate game.
  • Undrafted out of college, Moore signed with the Lions before the 2012 season. Unable to beat out OA favorite Dan Orlovsky, however, Moore never saw the field and was unable to seize the role as Matthew Stafford’s backup. Detroit released Moore during final cutdowns in August, and he signed with the Cowboys.
  • Moore has never thrown a pass in the NFL, but in Dallas, where Matt Cassell and Brandon Weeden have yielded an 0-6 record in Tony Romo’s absence, he has his supporters. It turns out, Obscure Athletes is not the only supporter of Moore: Some have posited the idea that Moore, not Cassell or Weeden, should be starting until Romo returns. So we were not the only ones disappointed that Moore was cut. It turns out, people LOVE this guy.

One thought on “OA is Not the Only Source of Kellen Moore’s Biggest Fans

  1. From the storied franchise that proudly gave Greg Hardy a job…why should we expect any less?

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