Blaine Gabbert Isn’t Done Yet; Look How Determined He Is

  • gabbertJim Tomsula is in way over his head. Like, I’m talking Jim Caldwell-level terrible. The guy doesn’t know what’s happening on the football field during the games he coaches. Yet Tomsula totally redeemed himself in the eyes of Obscure Athletes when he decided to bench Colin Kaepernick in favor of Blaine Gabbert.
  • Gabbert, you’ll remember, was the 10th overall selection in the 2011 draft. It turns out this was a brutal year for first-round quarterbacks–Newton went first overall, but this first round also featured Tennessee picking Jake Locker, who is now an accountant or something. Christian Ponder was picked AFTER Gabbert, and he may never throw another pass again.
  • So for Blaine Gabbert to get another chance to start, is great news. The 26 year old had three brutal seasons with the Jaguars, and his rookie year, per Football Outsiders, was the fifth-worst season for any quarterback. Ever. He played in one game last year, and threw for a touchdown. But this Sunday will be his first start in two years, and Gabbert will have a chance to revive a career that has seen more interceptions than touchdowns, and a dismal passer rating under 70. 

One thought on “Blaine Gabbert Isn’t Done Yet; Look How Determined He Is

  1. The 49ers used to be the franchise every NFL fan wanted their team to be like. Now it’s hard to find people in the Bay Area who like San Fran.

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