The Hasselbeck Renaissance Ought to Continue

  • luckmattThe Colts lost again yesterday, after allowing a 21-point early deficit.  The 3-4 Colts are in first place, because hey, AFC South. But to be clear, they’re a bad team.
  • At the helm of the Colts is Andrew Luck who, despite missing two games, leads the NFL in turnovers.  Either Luck is still dinged up, or he’s regressing. Either way, Indy might be able to save Chuck Pagano’s job if they sit Luck a few more weeks to ‘fully heal,’ and play Matt Hasselbeck at QB.
  • Two of the Colts’ three wins have come with Hasselbeck at quarterback, who has been quite efficient. With a cool 95 passer rating and zero turnovers, Matt even led a fourth quarter comeback as Indy’s starter. Whether Luck is hurt or not, Matt Hasselbeck is the man for the job in Indianapolis, at least in the short term.

2 thoughts on “The Hasselbeck Renaissance Ought to Continue

  1. Chris, count me in. Luck needs to step away for at least a couple of weeks to see how it goes because Andrew is a turnover machine now and maybe he’d be better served in the long run. If he’s hurt he needs to be outta there for sure. I am not sure he might just need a couple weeks off period to slow down mentally as well.

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