NCAA Scandals are Great, This Whole Thing is a Criminal Enterprise

And this guy is a goon.

And this guy is a goon.

  • Al Golden’s firing came amid “The U” cementing its status as a punch line within college football, once again brings up a point central to the National Collegiate Athletic Association– that their universities regularly associate with hucksters, and turn the other cheek when Rick Petino condones the existence of a prostitution ring as a recruiting tool.
  • I don’t follow college sports. The last time I was invested in college football was in 2001, when my then-team, the BC Eagles, lost in heartbreaking fashion after Brian St. Pierre threw a fluky interception on what should have been a game-winning drive. Reed, of course, took it back to the house to keep Miami’s National Championship season alive.
  • So I’m no expert on college sports. But whether it’s the hundred thousand C students who fill football stadiums every Saturday or the goofballs who call the Paul Finebaum show, college sports–football in particular–have long rubbed me the wrong way.
  • If you’d like to get an empirical look at what a joke the NCAA has become, read Charles Clotfelter’s Big Time Sports in American Universities. It raises some common-sense problems to the cartel that has become of the NCAA. Not paying these athletes is highway robbery on the part of the Networks, Conferences, and Universities, and with each of these increasingly goofy scandals that comes to light, the NCAA’s day of reckoning comes closer. One day, we can hope, the court system will break up this nonsense.

One thought on “NCAA Scandals are Great, This Whole Thing is a Criminal Enterprise

  1. Chris, it indeed gets harder and harder to defend or comprehend what has happened to college sports. I continue to be a fan but know full well that for every big-time college football program now there are a half a dozen other sports teams the school cut in order to fund it. Still a junkie for college hoops but as you note the hypocrisy resides there also. I don’t know if sanity will ever return to collegiate athletics…I think the final straw was the schools who broke long standing geographical rivalries and conference relationships to go chase money elsewhere.

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