Daniel Murphy is About to Get PAID

  • danielmurphyUntil Daniel Murphy’s home run last night, no Mets hitter had ever homered in six consecutive games. Normally it takes Murphy about 110 games to hit 6 home runs (he averages 9 per season).
  • Murphy is powering the Mets to the World Series, and that means he is also hitting the open market at the very peak of his value. The soon-to-be unrestricted free agent second baseman will be 31 on Opening Day next year, and he will be receiving a substantial raise this winter. This year was his last mandatory arbitration year, and he made $8 million, enough to make him the seventh-highest paid second baseman in the league.
  • A good comp might be Ian Kinsler, the second highest-paid 2B in baseball, who signed for 5 years/$75 million three years ago with the Rangers. At the time, he was also 30, going on 31, and was a better hitter than Murphy, but I contend that three years later, Murphy’s market will be hotter than Kinsler’s was that year.
  • In terms of regular season play, Murphy is a similar hitter to Omar Infante, if you take out Infante’s horrifying 2015.  And Infante’s never made more than his current $7.5 million. Murphy is striking at the perfect time, and this will become even more apparent if he continues his heroics through the World Series.
  • Somebody’s gonna give this dude way too much money.







2 thoughts on “Daniel Murphy is About to Get PAID

  1. My God this guy has been the man this post-season. He’s going to get some serious coin from someone next year. Mets fans are going to expect the armored trucks to back up to Citi Field. Kinsler sounds like good research to me and, yes, Murphy’s Law says his dollar ceiling is going to be higher than Ian’s for sure.

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