More than Half of the NFL’s Teams Have Missed a PAT

  • MissedPATWe’re now 3/8 of the way through the first ever season of the new extra point rule that makes the point-after a ~33 yard attempt, as opposed to the traditional 20-yard kick. The results of this rule change can be seen in the overall extra point percentages: While recent seasons featured 98%+ conversion rate on extra point tries, this year it’s down around 93%, with a full 17 teams missing at least one to date.
  • The season’s impact on moving the point-after attempt to the 15 yard line, however, will likely be felt, not in the aggregate, but in some individual point-after miss which directly costs some team a game, or, down the road, a playoff spot.
  • The Bucs had to release Kyle Brindza after he missed two extra points. (To be fair, he missed half of his 12 field goal attempts too.) Interesting side note to this– Brindza was replaced by Connor Barth, who, five months ago, told the Denver Post that there’s no need to move the PAT back to the 15. Indeed, Barth may not have a job today if not for the new rule.
  • To further illustrate just how large of a difference this is, league-wide, consider that it’s been over a decade since half the teams missed a point-after during THE WHOLE SEASON, and the norm over that period  has been that about 5-10 teams miss one.
  • We’ve already reached a majority of the league at week 6– so the question becomes, how many teams will miss a point-after this year?  Comment with your guess, and if someone gets it right, they will win some sort of prize when the season ends. 

3 thoughts on “More than Half of the NFL’s Teams Have Missed a PAT

  1. I’ll go with 25. This moving back the extra point will probably cost a team a playoff spot or game this season so if that’s what the NFL’s intended consequence was good for them. I was fine with things left alone but if they had to move the kick back I would have also placed the ball at the one yard line for a two point attempt. Now you’re onto something. Coaching strategies, second guessing, etc. That would liven things up!

    • 25 feels like a good guess–there’ll be a couple of well-coached teams that won’t miss one, but with the new spot there will likely be a lot more PATs blocked, as the trajectory has to be lower, and even the psychological effect of the PAT being seen as a more contested point

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