Listen, There’s No Hard Evidence that Richard Hidalgo Used Steroids

  • richhidalgoOne part of my childhood that I hold near and dear  is the 2000 MLB season. The steroid era was in full swing, and the number of home runs required to crack the top 10 was 42. Offense was insane–to a degree I didn’t even really understand until I went back and looked at some of the numbers from the era.
  • To put things in perspective, Miguel Cabrera won the 2012 Triple Crown by hitting .330, with 44 homers and 139 RBI. Richard Hidalgo, in 2000,  hit .314, with a comparable 44 dingers and 122 RBI. That summer, he became my favorite non-Red Sox ball player.
  • What was totally bogus about that season Hidalgo put up, is that he didn’t make the NL All-Star team. His splits don’t make sense of this either, because he hit 23 of his 44 in the first half of the year, when the All-Star voting was taking place. Hidalgo got screwed out of an All-Star appearance, and the baseball writers showed him no love at the end of the year either: he finished 20th in the MVP voting.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, a lot of these baseball writer types want to say that Hidalgo was a steroid user, but we have many sources of information on who the steroid users were:

All of this, in an era when EVERYBODY got thrown under the steroid bus, and they never had anything concrete on Hidalgo. Did he have a fluky season in 2000? Sure. But that stuff happens all the time. In order to do justice for my once-favorite ballplayer, I believe we should re-cast all the votes for the 2000 All-Star game, and perhaps go back to Turner Field and re-play the game with Hidalgo out there, starting in center field.


One thought on “Listen, There’s No Hard Evidence that Richard Hidalgo Used Steroids

  1. Agreed…and approved. Let’s get cracking on righting this wrong on your behalf. My once-favorite player was Rick Monday. I was devastated when he was traded from my AL favorite-team Oakland to the Cubs. It was great those A’s then ran off three straight championships thereafter but I will always wish Rick was a part of it. His career turned out pretty good anyway but I am sure he would have preferred staying with the team that drafted him #1…and wearing those three rings.

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