For 12 starts in 2005, shawn chacon was the king of new york

  • ShawnChaconIn 2005, the Yankees won 95 games despite a starting rotation with a combined age of 175 actual years. Randy Johnson, 41, was the team’s best starter, and was the only pitcher in the team’s rotation with an ERA under 4. Mussina, 36, had a down year, and Carl Pavano and Kevin Brown (combined salary: $26 million) were both unmitigated disasters for the Yanks.
  • The team traded for Al Leiter on July 16 of that year, and he started ten games. Cobbling it together after injuries to multiple starters, New York brought in Shawn Chacon from the Rockies. Chacon, a one-time all-star, had fallen off the map in 2004 when Colorado turned him into a closer. In 66 appearances for the Rockies that year, Chacon sputtered to a 7.11 ERA and lost total control, walking as many batters as he struck out.
  • New York installed Chacon into the rotation, and down the stretch, he got his walks under control, and his resurgence seemed unreal. Chacon was far-and-away the Yanks’ best starter in the second half, going 7-3 with a 2.85 ERA. Visually, Chacon looked like a different pitcher than ever, with opponents hitting just .225, and his WHIP fell dramatically.
  • In October, Chacon went toe-to-toe with John Lackey in game four of the ALDS, as the Yanks beat the Angels. He got the no-decision, but went 6 1/3 strong innings in the victory. It was his only playoff start.
  • In 2006, Chacon became, once again, a middling pitcher. He never recaptured the glory of the second half of 2005, and he was out of baseball two years later. On balance, Chacon looked a lot more like his 45-61 career record, and career ERA of 5. But for one summer, in 2005, Chacon owned the Bronx–and the AL East.

One thought on “For 12 starts in 2005, shawn chacon was the king of new york

  1. Little off topic here…but was listening to someone calling in from The Fan radio station in New York this morning and they were being interviewed by our Philly guys. He was asked about the different feelings Mets and Yanks fans each had about making the post-season. The answer was Mets fans are so excited about their team being in the playoffs rather unexpectedly while Yankee fans basically said “so what” to their season even though they also exceeded expectations.. As I recall the 2005 team didn’t go all the way either but as you said was an overachieving team as well. Bottom line is the Yankees have had so much history their fans really only want World Series Championships and their other seasons are deemed forgettable. That’s sad. Players like Chacon should be remembered for a great year…as that whole rotation should be.

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