Oronde Gadsden’s catch might be better than Beckham’s

120599 PRO PLAYER STADIUM, MIAMI DOLPHINS VS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Miami's # 86 Oronde Gadsden pulls in a touchdown pass in the second quarter as Colts #20 Jeff Burris defends. PHOTO BY: ALLEN EYESTONE.


  • People love this dude Odell Beckham. At just 22 years old, he’s become one of the most exciting young players in the game. Beckham is best-known, at this point in his career, for that catch he made against Dallas last year.
  • Knee-jerk reactions on Twitter would have you think this is the greatest catch ever made. I mean, Lebron said it was the greatest catch ever, and he’s a great basketball player,  so that means it was.
  • Look, if you wanna say it’s the greatest catch you’ve ever seen, that’s fine by me. But that means you didn’t watch the September 22, 2002 game in which Oronde Gadsden’s Dolphins hosted the Jets.
  • The Phins were attempting to score before halftime, and Jay Fiedler went over the middle to Gadsden–a floating pass which looked like a sure interception. With Jets DB Nick Ferguson closing in on an easy pick, Gadsden reached back and made the greatest catch no one could tweet about:
  • Gadsden’s health became a problem during 2002, and he was ultimately released a year later. In his six NFL seasons, all with the Dolphins, Gadsden caught 227 passes, mostly from Jay Fiedler. His best season was 1999, when he caught 48 passes for 803 yards and six touchdowns. From 1998-2001, Gadsden was one of the most consistent number two  receivers in the league, and one of the great circus-catch artists of a generation.
  • Also check out this Beckham-esque catch Gadsden made in 2001, also before anyone could tweet about it:


3 thoughts on “Oronde Gadsden’s catch might be better than Beckham’s

  1. Beckham’s catch happened with those 20 million viewers that now watch NFL prime time games AND Twitter being invented so it indeed had to “blow up” to be “the greatest catch ever.”.I’ve probably seen six or so since then as good either during college or pro games but I don’t choose to remember them because Beckham apparently dropped the mic and ended the conversation. Did you notice Oronde made both grabs on fields with baseball diamonds prominently displayed? I kind of miss seeing them if only because it reminds me of the AFL-NFL days…an old-school fan likes to see what he grew up with once in awhile. Gadsden’s snatches were worthy of inclusion with “the greatest catch ever.”

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