Butch Huskey is the reason the Red Sox made the 1999 playoffs

  • butch-huskeyOn July 26, 1999, the Red Sox were in third place in the AL East, at 53-46, and looked to be heading toward a .500-type season. The trade deadline was nearing and GM Dan Duquette needed to shake things up in the Boston club house if the Red Sox were going to make another post-season run.
  • Duquette traded pitching prospect Robert Ramsay to the Mariners for the versatile Butch Huskey, who had tallied 15 home runs on the season before coming to Boston. Huskey’s best year came two years prior, in 1997 when he hit 24 dingers and drove in 81 runs for the Mets, while slugging an impressive .503.
  • Down the stretch, Boston heated up and passed the Blue Jays for second place in the East. They won 41 of their final 63 games, of which Huskey appeared in 45, mostly at DH. He hit 7 home runs for Boston, and collected 33 hits, posting a .789 OPS. He also appeared in 6 playoff games for the Red Sox.
  • Perhaps Huskey is not THE reason the Red Sox captured the 1999 AL Wild Card playoff spot (Pedro Martinez had something to do with it too).  But that magical third-of-a-season for Huskey provided some of my fondest early baseball memories, and I always thought it was a bummer they didn’t bring him back in 2000.
  • The following season would be his last year in the majors, as he split time between the Twins and Rockies–as it were, Huskey’s last two seasons were spent with four total teams. As short a stint as it was, Butch Huskey remains one of my all-time favorite Red Sox, and only the hardest core Sox fans tend to remember him.
  • Also, thank god he was okay after this collision with the outfield fence in 2000; The Twins should have kept him at DH.



One thought on “Butch Huskey is the reason the Red Sox made the 1999 playoffs

  1. Butch did not see that wall coming at him. There’s little doubt about that. I didn’t remember him with the Red Sox. I bet Butch remembers hitting that wall however.

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