Jeremy Jacobs is the George Costanza of NHL Owners: Part 2–Alexi Zhamnov

zhamnovTwo signings of the past fifteen years stand out,  perfectly exemplifying the knee-jerk, ill-conceived, panic-button-pushing manner with which this roster has been historically replenished: forward Martin Lapointe, whom they signed during the 2001 offseason, and centerman Alexi Zhamnov, who came to Boston after the 2004-05 lockout.

The case for Zhamnov:

  • Coming off the ’04-’05 NHL lockout, the Bruins were praised near-universally for their shrewdness: Boston’s large contracts were all coming off the books, and the team was left with nearly zero committed money going into the largest free-agent pool in years.
  • Boston targeted two future Hall-of Famers with the money burning a hole in Jacobs’ pocket: Peter Forsberg, and Mike Modano. Both players ultimately spurned the Bruins–Modano to return to Dallas, and Forsberg to Philadelphia. Through this whole process, the Bruins made a major miscalculation: They were not counting on the fact that NO ONE wanted to go to Boston and work for Jacobs and the Bruins’ revolving door of goofballs behind the bench. 
  • Instead, to save face, Jacobs pressed the panic button and threw a 3-year, 12.3 million dollar deal at Zhamnov, the 34-year old one-time All-Star. As one  of the highest-paid players on the team, Zhamnov quickly piled up injuries, and played a total of 24 games for Boston. He scored one goal for the Bruins.
  • Oh, and they also threw a bunch of money ($4 million more)  at Brian Leetch, and made his corpse the captain for a season. This year will be a rough one for the Bruins, but we must remember: It’s been far, far worse than this before.

3 thoughts on “Jeremy Jacobs is the George Costanza of NHL Owners: Part 2–Alexi Zhamnov

  1. “…made his corpse the captain for a season.” That’s Seinfeld funny right there. George Costanza is a hero of mine. Every year at least one of my fantasy football teams is Vandelay Industries. And you’re right…maybe this year will be a struggle for the B’s but there have been worse days.

  2. It’s great to see you blogging again. I was always a big fan of your stuff. It would also be great if you would be interested in some collaboration projects we do from time to time. Email me at Dubsism at yahoo dot com for more details.

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