Matt Hasselbeck is officially the new Steve DeBerg

  • HasselbeckcoltsUPDATE: Mere moments ago Schefter reported Hasselbeck WILL start again tonight.
  • Last Sunday, Matt Hasselbeck made the Old Man Playing Football history books, when he started in place of Andrew Luck for the Colts. By historic standards, he’s not yet among the rarified air in which the George Blandas and Vinny Testaverdes find themselves–but within recent history, Hasselbeck’s run has been unique.
  • Hasselbeck played well on Sunday, completing 30 of his 47 passes. With that, he notched an appearance in his 17th career season.  Within the larger context of the league, the ladder-day Matt Hasselbeck has a major distinction: for the past three consecutive seasons, Hasselbeck has been the oldest player to throw a pass in the league.
  • The last man to accomplish this feat was Steve DeBerg in 1991-1993. There have been a couple close calls since then, but Matt Hasselbeck is the only player to outlast everyone three years in a row.
  • Now, there is a technicality involved here: The closest any PLAYER has come to this feat was Doug Flutie from 2002-04. However, in 2003, Jerry Rice, who is exactly ten days older than Flutie, threw a single pass (it fell incomplete). Flutie was the oldest to throw a pass in four total seasons, and Vinny Testaverde, who retired at age 44, (with his own pretty cool Old Man record) was the oldest pass-thrower in two consecutive seasons, from 06-07.
  • But Hasselbeck has done it, free and clear of all players, just like my favorite quarterback ever, Steve Deberg, 23 years ago. And he might start again tonight: Both Hasselbeck and Luck are listed as questionable for tonight’s game against Houston, and if neither can play, we might see Josh Johnson, who last played in an NFL game in 2011 for the Bucs.



3 thoughts on “Matt Hasselbeck is officially the new Steve DeBerg

  1. I have always liked Hasselbeck and believe he has been underrated throughout his career…that being said I now need to go get my Colts out of my fantasy lineups…

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