Guys, Adrian Beltre is probably going to end up with 3000 hits

  • RedSoxBeltreIt’s 2015, and as has been the case for the past 18 years, Adrian Beltre just finished another season in the Majors. The Rangers recently picked up his $18 million option for 2016, ensuring he will return for at least one more year in the Majors.
  • Despite his advanced age, Beltre has proven remarkably durable throughout his career. He’s played in an average of 142.6 games per season, including 143 games last year. He’s played in over 140 games 13 times.
  • SO… to the hits– Beltre is currently sitting on 2767 hits, which, by my calculations, puts him 233 away from the mark. He logged 163 last year, and through his career, has averaged 153 hits a season.
  • Beltre’s only collected 200 hits once in his career, in 2004, when he also led the Majors in home runs, with 48. His consistency through nearly two decades in baseball has gone widely unnoticed. Fortunately the guys over at Five Thirty Eight know what’s up. If Beltre plays two more full seasons in the Bigs, it’s a foregone conclusion he’ll join the 3000 Hit Club, and like Enten and Paine suggest, he ought to be a Hall of Famer.
  • Even if he has a couple of down-seasons, or has one full season and an injury-riddled one, Beltre should be a near-lock to join just 29 other players in baseball history to reach the mark.
  • Also his one year in Boston was glorious–he hit 49 doubles that year, and I’m pretty sure 48 of them dented the Green Monster.



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