NIT Bracket Challenge Day, get fired up!

What’s up?! Now, everyone fills out an NCAA tourney bracket this time of year, but the fact of the matter is, most people doing that nonsense, pay zero attention to college basketball through almost the entire season.

So here at OA, we don’t have a real tourney bracket challenge, but this morning I took the liberty of filling out my NIT bracket. Based on what, you say? Nothing at all. Just a bunch of guesses, like your Real Tourney bracket. So fill out your own if you want, post it here in the comments section before the first games start tonight, and if you beat me you get a prize or something.

NIT Tourney Bracket:


nittrophyNow, Robert Morris seems to always find their way into the NCAA’s, so I’ve picked them to go to the NIT Final Four. And I’ve got Louisiana Tech making a serious run, knocking off Georgia and G-Town en route to the semis. Utah is beating St. Mary’s, number one seeded Minnesota, and NCAA Tourney darlings Davidson, to make the Final Four. They’re beating LA Tech to make the Championship game.

And Utah Valley is going all the way. First they knock off 2-seeded Cal, then they face Indiana State. And guess what:

Rick said it, Larry’s not walking through that door, Utah Valley upsets Indiana State, before taking down the number one-seeded SMU. And look! It’s an all-Utah NIT Championship! And it’s the low-land taking it! Utah Valley over Utah, raising the most meaningless trophy in sports.

Utah Valley, your 2014 NIT Champs! Who ya got?


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