Obscure Spotlight: Hank Baskett

hankbaskettI knew Hank Baskett was a former Philadelphia Eagles receiver who, in parts of five NFL seasons, caught some passes and had a penchant for making long touchdown receptions. What I did not know, however, is that Baskett, since his 2011 retirement, has discovered a second career in show business, as a reality TV star alongside his wife, Kendra Wilkinson. Baskett and Wilkinson, a former Playboy model,  have been married since June, 2009, and have one child together. I’ve never seen the show (Because, of course, my cable provider doesn’t carry WEtv) but that’s what IMDb told me.

Anyway, Baskett’s a former football player. He was an academic standout at Clovis High School in New Mexico, and attended the University of New Mexico. He made All-Mountain West as a wide receiver, but went undrafted in 2006. He signed as a free-agent with the Vikings, but was traded to the Eagles shortly thereafter.

Baskett carved out a role for himself as an Eagle through his versatility. He was named the Eagles’ special teams MVP in 2007. He also saw time as a receiver, garnering NFL Rookie of the Week honors twice in 2006. He caught three passes for 112 yards, including an 87-yard touchdown from Donovan McNabb in week 5 against the Cowboys.


His best performance came in Philly’s final game of the ’06 season. Baskett made 7 catches for 177 yards against Michael Vick and the Falcons, the longest of which was an 89-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

In 2008 Baskett caught yet another long score, this time a 90-yarder from McNabb on Opening Day against the Rams. Philadelphia steamrolled St. Louis, 38-3. “Hammerin’ Hank” Baskett eventually moved on to Indianapolis in 2009, and received unfortunate criticism upon the Saints’ recovery of the second-half opening onside kick in the Super Bowl, which Baskett had a chance to recover but was unable. He played one more season, split between his two former teams, the Eagles and the Vikings. He last played on January 2, 2011. Baskett finished his NFL career with 77 catches for 1098 yards, and six touchdowns. He’s an Obscure Athletes favorite, not for his role as a reality TV star, but because he was the ultimate NFL underdog who hung around in the league because of his toughness, versatility, and work ethic. OA salutes Hank Baskett, and wish him a happy retirement and success in his future endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Obscure Spotlight: Hank Baskett

  1. Hank indeed is best known for his off the field “activities” even here in the Philly area but during his time as an Eagle did make some things happen on the gridiron as well. Here’s to Hank reaching obscure status.

    • Here Here! I never knew about the man’s extracurricular until I began reading about him. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Baskett play, one of the more exciting receivers in the league during his day. Thanks for reading Bruce!

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