Lions give up, hire Jim Caldwell

caldwellThe fact that Ken Whisenhunt was the most sought-after NFL head coaching candidate this offseason, speaks volume to the sheer lack of coaching talent available. Whisenhunt spent this past season as San Diego’s offensive coordinator after six seasons as the head man in Arizona, during which he and the Cardinals caught lightning in a bottle, and came within minutes of winning the Super Bowl in 2008. Whisenhunt had just one other winning season in Arizona, and compiled a lackluster 45-51 overall record as head coach. 

The Fords had their private jet ready to fly Whisenhunt from San Diego to Detroit, when the news came down that the Titans, not the Lions, had hired the coach. So Detroit had to replace Jim Schwartz with an EVEN WORSE coach than Whisenhunt: none other than Jim Caldwell. 

Caldwell was the sock-puppet-in-chief for the 2009 Colts team that lost the Super Bowl, and the Colts got worse every year under his watch. He was finally fired after the 2011 season, in which he coached the Manning-less Indy to a 2-14 record. 

Jim Schwartz finished with a 29-51 career record as the Lions’ head coach. And he was the best they’ve had since the Wayne Fontes-Bobby Ross era. The Lions have chronically underachieved, and remained a joke, even within the NFC North. They’re undisciplined. They have a great fantasy football quarterback, but a mediocre reality football quarterback in Matthew Stafford. They have owners who know even less about building quality football teams than they do about building quality cars. And now they have a laughably average head coach. Just like they did under Schwartz. 


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