Mark Mulder is BACK!

markmulderJust as I was getting over the tragic retirement of one former Cardinals’ pitching great, Jeff Suppan, I learned of a deal I had totally missed from the news wire: Former third wheel of Oakland’s Big 3, Mark Mulder, is officially returning to pro baseball. The lefty reached a minor league deal with the Angels. A month ago, Mulder, an ESPN employee at the time, announced he would attempt a comeback, but no further news on the Mulder comeback came about until the turn of the year.

Mulder hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2008, and last spent a full season in pro baseball in 2005. The three-time allstar won 21 games in 2001, and was an absolute workhorse for the Athletics before catching the injury bug in 2006 with the Cardinals.

Amazingly, if Mulder makes the Angels’ roster and pitches the whole season in LA’s rotation, he gets $6 million, and the Angels probably didn’t have a good year. But kudos to the Angels for taking a flyer on Mulder. We’re rooting for ya, Mark!



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