Single Digit Hall of Fame Vote Getters!

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a sham, and the baseball writers who vote on the hall’s new inductees on an annual basis, are old bastards who fancy themselves holy gatekeepers. So I was tickled pink by Dan Lebatard, whom I usually cannot stand, going on ESPN yesterday to talk about how he gave his vote to Deadspin.


Old-white-guy voting scandal aside, my favorite part of the Hall of Fame voting is the guys who somehow ended up on the ballot– and even more amazingly,  got a few votes.

Take Jaque Jones. The longtime Twins’ outfielder played ten years in the Majors, and while he had a relatively solid career, never hit more than 27 homers or drove in more than 85 runs in a single season–And that was during the steroid era. For some perspective, in 2002, the year Jones hit his 27, that number of home runs placed him in a tie for 40th in the Majors. 28 MLB batters hit 30 homers that year, including superstars Tony Batista, Brian Giles, and Ellis Burks. Jones received a vote yesterday.

Luis Gonzalez got five votes– the outfielder hit 354 home runs in his career, about 300 of them in 2001, when he was the hero of Game 7  of the World Series. Longtime Giant JT Snow received two votes, along with former Dodgers, Red Sox, and Quebec Les Capitales closer Eric Gagne. The voters must have forgotten Gagne’s CanAm league heroics– he was on the mound when the Capitales took the CanAm World Series from the Worcester Tornadoes in 2009.

gagne capitalsThe fact is, though, there were a few guys who got shut out of the HOF voting. Mike Timlin, for one. And how did Paul LoDuca not receive a single vote?! Sean Casey, the Mayor himself! Why didn’t Deadspin throw him a vote or two? I want answers. Or a Hall of Fame vote. Maybe I’ll buy one next year like Deadspin did. ObscureTheVote 2015!




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