How have we not talked about Tony Delk yet?


  • Tony Delk is one of the great obscure athletes of the NBA, having enjoyed a 13-year career in the Association. But Delk was a journeyman’s journeyman– he suited up with 8 different teams (Nine if you count the Charlotte Hornets and the New Orleans Hornets).  Delk never played more than two seasons for any one team.
  • Delk, along with several other future obscure NBAers,  was a member of the Kentucky Wildcats team which, in 1996 won the NCAA Tournament. He was named the tournament’s most outstanding player, as the Wildcats took down Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse Orangemen to win it all. He was selected 16th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. He wore the double-zero proudly, except when he played in Boston, because at the time, former college teammate and fellow obscure athlete, Walter McCarty was rocking the 00.
  • Delk was never a regular starter– he never started more than 39 games in a single season, but his ability to play both guard positions made him a solid 6th man. Three times he averaged over 10 points per game, despite never averaging more than 28 minutes. Delk’s finest moment in the NBA came on January 2nd, 2001. Playing for the Suns, Delk scored 53 points in an overtime game against Sacramento, and for just one night, the Kings wish they held onto Delk, who had played for them the year before. Delk’s effort, however, was not enough, and the Suns lost, 121-117. In that game, Delk became the player with the lowest career scoring average (8.0 PPG) ever to score 50.
  • Delk was traded three times in his career, and he moved onto another team through free agency four more times. Eight teams, thirteen years, and one impressive jersey collection. He’s now an assistant coach at New Mexico State Aggies.

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