Byrd Lands back in Philly

Philly hopes the deal they just gave Byrd isn't as much of a whiff as this one, taken by Byrd in 2009.

Philly hopes the deal they just gave Byrd isn’t as much of a whiff as this one, taken by Byrd in 2009.

  •  Not only has Marlon Byrd managed to hold on in the Majors for 12, now going on 13 seasons, he’s also parlayed his ONLY two really good seasons, into multi-year deals. It’s incredible. The first came after his 2009 season with the Rangers in which he posted a .283 average with 20 home runs and 89 RBI. To that point he’d never hit more than 12 home runs or driven in more than 70.
  • That offseason, the Cubs gave Byrd a 3-year, $15 million deal. 2010 saw Byrd make the Allstar game for the first and only time of his career, despite the apparent loss of his power (12 hr, 66 RBI).
  • Byrd was eventually traded to Boston last year, for whom he played just 34 games, before being released and subsequently testing positive for steroids. Byrd was suspended and remained unsigned through the end of 2012.
  • We thought the Byrd Man would call it quits, but NO! This year Byrd had the best year of his career (and probably switched to a new urine test masking agent), hitting 24 dingers and driving in 88 runs. Byrd was traded from the Mets to the Pirates mid-season, and hit a home run in his first ever playoff game with Pittsburg.
  • Now Byrd’s received a 2-year, $16 million deal from the Phillies, for whom he made his debut in 2002. He’s appeared for 7 big league teams, and Philadelphia seems to think the 36-year old has a couple good seasons left in the tank.
  • I’m Marlon Byrd’s biggest fan, but make no mistake: no competent baseball team would give Marlon Byrd a multi-year deal. So of course he’d end up in Philadelphia.

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