There’s no way the Bucs don’t win tonight

These guys aren’t walking through that door

We don’t do predictions here at OA, except tonight. Seriously, I promise we’ll never do this again.

My Buccaneers’ season to this point can be adequately characterized as a disaster. Coach Schiano has been a joke, Freeman was run out of town, and the team has yet to win a game. They have fewer wins than the Jaguars.

Even given all of this, recent events have brought me to this conclusion: The Buccaneers are winning tonight. They will join the Jags in getting off the schneid this week, in prime time no less. Glennon is throwing a few touchdowns, and the leader-less Phins, having lost 40% of an offensive line which was already among the worst in the league, should hang Tannehill out to dry several times. The Dolphins might keep it close early, but the Bucs run away with it in the fourth. 


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