OA Mourns the release of Austin Collie

LaQuan Williams will NEVER be Austin Collie. Nonetheless, the Patriots released Collie the other day in favor of the more versatile Williams. It ends Collie’s month-long stint with the Patriots.

I was beyond fired up in the first week of October when the Pats signed one of my favorite obscure receivers, Austin Collie. Collie was made famous by Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, where he served the Colts quite well, before concussions and a ruptured patella tendon, cut short multiple seasons for the receiver. Collie’s best overall season was his first year was 2009, in which he caught 60 passes from Manning for 676 yards and 7 touchdowns.

He went to training camp this year with San Fransisco, but was released shortly before camp broke.

Collie caught three passes in his three appearances for the Pats, including two key receptions near the end of New England’s last-minute victory over then-unbeaten New Orleans on October 13. 



One thought on “OA Mourns the release of Austin Collie

  1. He’ll a perfect “where are they now” piece in about five years.

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