The Three-QB Teams, through week 8

So, it’s week 8 in the NFL, and just three days ago, according to my count, the Vikings became the first team this season to have three different quarterbacks start a game.

TEAM IN THE CLUB: Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-5

Starting Quarterbacks: Christian Ponder, Matt Cassell, Josh Freeman


A classic scenario: They start out with two mediocre qb’s, in Christian Ponder and Matt Cassell. Ponder was injured in September, and the job went to Cassell, the backup. Cassell struggled MIGHTILY, so much that Minnesota went and brought in free-agent journeyman malcontent Josh Freeman to start on Monday against the Giants. Freeman reportedly suffered a likely concussion in the game. Now I’m a huge Freeman fan, but let’s face it– the dude sucks at this point in his career.  Apparently it only took one game for the Vikes to realize this, because they’ve announced today that Christian Ponder will once again be the starter this week, as the team plays division rivals Green Bay.


Record: 3-4

Starting Quarterbacks: Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell


This Sunday, the Browns will join the ranks of the three-qb teams when former first-round draft pick Jason Campbell starts against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Former Pats backup Brian Hoyer started three games before having his season ended by a torn ACL against the Bills, and Brandon Weeden has since played his way out of the starting job AGAIN. That leaves Campbell, who came into the season third on the Cleveland depth chart. He’ll have his work cut out for him, facing off against the league’s third best passing defense, and a Kansas City front seven which has wreaked havoc on opposing quarterbacks all season.


JOINING THE CLUB SUNDAY?: Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 3-4

Starting Quarterbacks: Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley??


The case of the Eagles is still in flux. At least according to coach Chip Kelley, who “Doesn’t know who is healthy and who is not healthy,” according to the Philadelphia Enquirer. Vick, of course, started in week 1 for the Eagles, but got knocked around early in the season, before succumbing to a hamstring injury in week 5 against the Giants. Nick Foles took over for Vick, but last week suffered a concussion in a 17-3 loss to the Cowboys. Matt Barkley relieved Foles, and threw 20 passes. The presumption is that Vick may be available this Sunday, in which case he’ll start for Philly. If not, the Eagles will turn to Barkley, and the Eagles will join the 3-QB-Club!


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