Josh Freeman might be coming back to an NFL field near you!

freemancassellI woke up to some great news in the football world this morning: my favorite quarterback not-named-Brady, Josh Freeman, will soon be starting in the league once again! Freeman was released by the winless Bucs after a comically lackluster handful of games, and signed on with the Vikings. Minnesota, having gone through both Christian Ponder and Matt Cassell this season, decided they ought to try out a third mediocre quarterback handing the ball to Adrian Peterson.

Freeman will look to turn around the fortunes of the 1-4 Vikings, who got lit up at home last Sunday by the Panthers. Cam Newton moved the ball at will on the Minnesota defense, and journeyman quarterback Matt Cassell threw two interceptions, sealing the Vikes’ fate.

The Vikings will face off against the Giants in New York on Monday night; Hopefully my dude Freeman begins his renaissance.

Also, what a DOG of a game to be showing on Monday Night! How can ESPN look all of us in the face and say this is going to be exciting, or matter, for that matter, at all?!


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