Schaub breaks record held by Manning, Elway


When Matt Schaub threw an interception to the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman last week who then took it to the house for a game-tying score, Schaub was not just blowing the game for his team. He was unearthing obscure NFL record history, tying John Elway and Peyton Manning as the only QB’s ever to throw an interception returned for a touchdown in three consecutive games.

Last night the Texans played San Fransisco, and Schaub wasted no time to pass Manning and Elway for sole possession of the record, either. The first time Schaub dropped back last night on third-and-6, he threw an out-pass right into the hands of the undercutting Tramaine Brock, who promptly high-stepped into the Houston end zone. Schaub threw two more picks in the game, one that featured poor quarterbacking all around (Kaepernick 6-15, 113 yds, 1 td, 1 int).

Classic Sunday Night matchup: Nothing to see here–frequent incomplete passes, lobsided score, and TJ Yates finishing it out for the most unimpressive “good” football team ever, the Texans.


One thought on “Schaub breaks record held by Manning, Elway

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