Carr still unemployed, Skelton a 9er


Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good? That works. The good news: the prognosis for Titans’ quarterback Jake Locker is better than expected. The bad news is, of course, the team has declined to sign either of the obscure quarterbacks they worked out earlier this week.

Carr, the first ever draft pick in the history of the Houston Texans, was sacked a legendary 76 times his rookie year. One has to wonder how Carr’s career could have gone had he been inserted into a semi-functional pro system as a rookie. He left the Texans after 2006, and has found work as a backup ever since. He has a Super Bowl ring from his 2011 season, spent as Eli Manning’s backup in New York. He last threw a pass in week 17 of last year. Carr’s a friend of OA, we hope to see him on the field (or at least on the sidelines with a clipboard) again soon!

Former Cardinals starter John Skelton was a bit luckier, however. After his ill-fated workout with the Titans, Skelton was scooped up and signed by the 49ers. Skelton went to training camp with the Bengals, but was cut a week before the start of the season, a transaction whose details were made available for our viewing pleasure on HBO’s Hard Knocks.



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