The following players have scored more points than the Jaguars this season

jagssackI find the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars  fascinating. From quarterback(s) Gabbert and Henne, to the mostly empty stadium (safe to say EverBank isn’t getting what it hoped for out of that naming rights deal), to the Sign-Tim-Tebow-and-we-promise-we’ll-go-to-a-game-or-two rally, attended by literally handfuls of people a couple weeks ago, to head coach Gus Bradley, who’s in about ten feet over his beautiful bald head, this 2013 Jaguars team continues to astound on a weekly basis.

It’s now week four, and through three games, the Jags’ offense has put up 28 points. And that’s including the two they scored on opening day by way of a safety on a blocked punt. But yes, we’ll count those two.

Four NFL players have scored more than Jacksonville’s 28 this season– I was surprised to find that they ARE NOT all kickers. Here they are, starting with the league’s current scoring leader:

1. Broncos’ Kicker Matt Prater– 31 points (5-5 FG, 16-16 XP)


Prater’s been perfect on the season, going 5-5 out of the gate for the high-scoring Broncos. A lot of extra points kicked by Prater, for good reason.

2. Chargers’ wide receiver Eddie Royal– 30 points (5 rec TD)


The 1-2 Chargers have leaned heavily on Royal, who’s caught five of the eight touchdowns a seemingly-resurgent Philip Rivers has thrown so far.

T-3. Patriots’ kicker Stephen Gostkowski– 29 points (8 FG, 5-5 XP)


Gostkowski’s up there on the leaderboard, not because of extra points like in Prater’s case, but because of his eight field goals, which have primarily resulted from the New England offense’s inability to score in the red zone. Let’s hope for my Pats’ sake the trend doesn’t continue.

T-3. Cowboys’ kicker Dan Bailey– (7 FG, 8-8 XP)


Bailey’s been solid for the 2-1 Cowboys, making 7 of his 8 field goal attempts. He’s also a perfect 2-2 from beyond 50 yards. He’ll need to stay sharp this week if he wants to stay ahead of the Jaguars.

The Jags travel to Indy this weekend, and unless we see some offensive fireworks on display from the Jags’ offense, once again led by Blain Gabbert, Jacksonville is in danger of falling behind another few players on the scoring sheet.


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