Bucs to replace Freeman, not Schiano (yet)

Don't even worry about putting your helmet back on, Josh

Don’t even worry about putting your helmet back on, Josh

The Patriots will always be my team, but for some reason I’ve always enjoyed following the Bucs. As a tepid supporter of the team it pains me to say, Tampa Bay is better off without my favorite non-Brady quarterback, Josh Freeman. Adam Schefter reports, and NBC sports confirms that rookie Mike Glennon, not Freeman, will start going forward for the Buccaneers.

Can’t blame Schiano for that decision: Freeman, since his fantastic rookie year, much to my sadness,and the chagrin of Bucs fans, has gotten worse and worse every year since. That, combined with Freeman’s much-balleyhooed loss of the captain “C” this offseason, led many to speculate Freeman might soon be out of a job. Schiano said right up until this morning, that Freeman was his starting quarterback.

Several Bucs players are unhappy with Schiano, the former Rutgers University coach. Suffice to say, it looks like a rough year ahead for the 0-3 Buccaneers. Maybe Schiano will have a Bobby-Petrino-esque exit, complete with form letters. One thing about Schiano is clear:



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