Obscure Spotlight: Olandis Gary

olandisgaryOlandis Gary had one magical season in the NFL. The year was 1999, and the Broncos were still mourning the loss of John Elway. Brian Griese was taking the snaps for Denver, and four games in, the Broncos are 0-4. To make matters worse, their dude Terrell Davis, went down with complete tears of both his ACL and MCL– how did this injury occur? Davis was making a tackle on an interception thrown by Griese!

And here comes Olandis Gary.

In twelve games in 1999, the Broncos FED Olandis the rock. He got 276 carries, and rushed for 1,159 yards, including back-to-back MONSTER performances in weeks 15 and 16, in which he rushed for 185 and 183 yards respectively.

Gary finished the season with seven rushing touchdowns, and Denver went 6-10. Olandis looked to have the starting running back job sewn up moving forward, but in week one of the 2000 season, Gary suffered a knee injury similar to the one that caused his prolific predecessor to step aside.Gary played a few more seasons in the league, moving to Detroit before the 2003 season, but experienced only mild success. He never recaptured the glory of his 1999 campaign. But hey, he was pretty damn good for that one year. Cheers, Olandis.


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