Obscure Spotlight: Steve Beuerlein

Beuerlein, probably firing it upfield to Mark Carrier

Steve Beuerlein had one absolute MONSTER season in his career–his ’99 campaign with the Panthers, a team that went 8-8. The real story to Beuerlein’s career, however, as he himself put it to Peter King, is that of a man who had ” …Been in the wrong place at the wrong time a lot. But I was a fourth-round pick. To last 15, 16, 17 years in the league, what can I complain about?”

Well put, Steve. Beuerlein played for six teams in his career, including the Raiders when they were still in LA. The Raiders picked Beuerlein, a Notre Dame alum, in the fourth round of the 1987 draft. Steve also suited up for the Cards when they were known as the Phoenix Cardinals. He was the first quarterback in the history of the Jaguars’ organization despite having only played there for a year. In Los Angeles, he pissed off Al Davis to the point where the Raiders would keep him off the field in favor of Jay Schroeder.

Beuerlein played the longest in Carolina (five seasons), and when he left for Denver after the 2000 season, he took  with him  almost all the team’s passing records. It wouldn’t be until the great Jake Delhomme came along that most of the marks set by Beuerlein would fall. He finished his career with a 47-55 record as a starter, and a passer rating of 80.3.


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