Obscure Spotlight: Jason Giambi after he left the Yankees

Giambi’s managed to blend in well with normal society since leaving the big apple

After the 2008 season, in which he hit 32 homers for the Yanks, New York decided to part ways with the 37-year-old slugger Giambi. The Giambino has never hit more than 13 home runs since, but has managed to stick around in the majors the whole time. In 2009 he returned to Oakland, but his homecoming in the bay area was short-lived, as he was released outright by the team on August 7.

Later that month, Giambi resurfaced in Colorado, where he’d make his home as a Rocky for the next few seasons. My favorite memory of post-Yankees Giambi is the June 2010 walkoff home run he hit off of Papelbon, which just landed a few days ago. Just an absolute cock shot of a pitch by Pap.

A sad shame is that Giambi’s never played more than 102 games in a season since he left New York. He’s hit 42 dingers since ’08. The Yankees, it seems, were 100 percent correct in their assessment of the aging Giambi, but Jason’s gotten the last laugh: It’s 2013 and Giambi’s Cleveland Indians are in the playoff hunt, and Lyle Overbay’s Yanks are not.


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