Former Expos Series: Bruce Chen

I was going to do a post simply called “Obscure Spotlight: Former Expos,” But when I googled ‘active former expos’, I found that topic was nothing that hadn’t been talked about all over the internet. Bleed Cubbie Blue had a great article on former Expos still holding strong in the Big Leagues, as did cbs sports‘ Mike Axisa. Kudos to them, but damnit, I wanted to do a thing about former Expos!

But as I saw the list, I noticed a serious abundance of goofy ball players on there! We start this series with Bruce Chen, a man who will always be close to my heart because of how long he’s been shutting down the Red Sox.

Chen has played for ten, count ’em, TEN, teams in his fifteen-year career.

Red Sox

That’s a third of all the teams in the Majors, and quite a jersey collection. He played just one year for the Expos, in 2002.  He arrived in Quebec to be an Expo on April 5 of that year the Mets traded him to Montreal. He made fifteen appearances, starting five of those games. He posted a 6.99 ERA in 37-and-a-third innings.

The 36-year-old Chen’s record as a pitcher in the majors is a perfectly obscure 76-74, his ERA a wonderfully mediocre 4.50. He’s signed through the end of this year with the Royals, and wouldn’t ya know–the guy’s actually doing pretty well.


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