I thought the Barry Zito deal was for 70 years…

Zito giantsWe’re gonna make it, people. The world may look like it’s falling down around us, but alas, we will endure. How do I know this? Because the faint dot of light at the end of the tunnel that is Barry Zito’s contract with the Giants, is in sight. A mere 38 days remain on it.

Think of the Barry Zito deal this way; when the former Cy Young winner signed with the Giants in November 2006, the national unemployment rate was 4.4 percent, and mortgage-backed securities were generally considered a safe investment. The contract he inked was for seven years, and 126 million dollars, making him the highest paid pitcher, to date, in the history of baseball.

Zito’s tenure in San Fransisco, save for the time he beat Verlander in game one of the World Series, has been remarkable only in its level of mediocrity. He’s 62-77 with a 4.56 ERA as a Giant, including his magical 2008 campaign in which he led the National League in losses by a pitcher, with 17. His best ERA in a season has been 4.03. This year he’s 4-8 in 21 starts.

But it’s almost over.  Jeez, I haven’t felt so old since the end of the Gary Matthews, Jr contract.


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