Obscure Spotlight: Howard Eisley

You remember those Utah Jazz teams of the 90’s, with the dynamic combination of John Stockton and Karl Malone. The Jazz never broke through to win it all, in part because they ran into a Jordan-led dynasty in progress. What you only MIGHT remember about those Jazz teams, is the man who came off the bench to run the point when Stockton needed a breather: Howard Eisley.

Eisley just BACKING this dude down

Eisley led the Boston College Eagles to the Elite 8 in 1994, and was picked that summer in the second round by the Timberwolves. The following year he landed in Utah, where he established himself as a key cog off the bench for the Jazz. Eisley could play either guard position, but played more at point guard, backing up Stockton. After Jordan and the Bulls ruined Eisley’s (And more notably, Malone and Stockton’s) chances at an NBA Championship ring.

Eisley’s best season came in 02-03, his second in New York. Howard started 76 games for the Knicks, averaging 9.1 points per game. It was the only season of Eisley’s career that would see him start more than 40 games. All told, he enjoyed 12 NBA seasons with nine different teams.

I’m telling you right now, if you’re talking about obscure 90’s basketball players, and Howard Eisley’s name doesn’t come up, then you haven’t finished your discussion yet. The prototypical sixth man, forever backing up the Hall of Famer. This dude, Mr. Howard Eisley.


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